If anyone ever tries to say you throw like an 11 year old girl, just say thank you and battle on. The Lancaster County Dixie Softball teams are doing just that. All three teams, Darlings, Angels, and Ponytails are making a clean sweep of their competition at the State Championships being held this week.

Saturday’s games were held midday in the South Carolina heat, above 90 degrees in direct sun. Sunday’s games were in the waning hours of the afternoon, and in hotter and more humid conditions. The players battled on and on.

So in an age of electronics and sitting in your room absorbed into a scree, what makes these players sweat it out on the field. Above and beyond every other reason, the teamwork stands out. On the field or off, these players are a family. There are no divisions or superstars in the dugout. Sisters fighting the same battle.

The Angels have a ritual that I had not seen before. They make the field their own. They have scooped up dirt from fields where they have won championships and they sprinkle some into the letters “LA” they have scratched into the dirt. They claim it.


In softball dugouts the players will support one another with scrams and cheers. LOUD cheers! One of them was “Way to battle” and a players name. It is like they recognize that it is a battle and not a simple thing. They understand that a strikeout now does not mean defeat, but a chance to try again. The game play is not for the faint of heart. Players run into each other, get hit with balls and bats. One would be hard pressed to determine which was higher, the score or the bruise count.

When one switches to a state of higher achieving and pursues the goal with all your strength, it is called Beast Mode. The players of the Lancaster County Dixie Softball teams have gone into Beast Mode.

WAY TO BATTLE, LA TEAMS!!! Way to Battle. You are champions in our eyes.

Just a Bit More About That – David