Pencils, Paper, Folders, and Hope

The plans have been set and are being put in place for school next week. The approximately 500 students of Andrew Jackson Middle School displaced by the fire on Thursday, will attend other schools in the community. 6th graders will go to Heath Springs elementary. 7th graders will go to Kershaw Elementary, and 8th graders will attend at Andrew Jackson High school.

As is often the case with disasters, supplies are limited. The middle school student will be starting on Tuesday with little in the way of supplies. The calls are going out on Facebook for supply donations. The Hwy 521 Filling Station and Preppy Pineapple are two drop off locations. The schools are working hard to adjust to the influx of students, and Kershaw Elementary Principal Kelly Farmer has posted that they will be at Kershaw Elementary after 3 pm on Sunday.

You can donate items or money for these efforts. The important thing is to help out in any way you can, not just for the supply needs, but the impact on the student that know with this community stands behind them and will take care of them. To us, it might just be a pencil, but the student it is so much more.


Michelle Craig lets us know that the School District Office in Lancaster is also a dropoff point. 300 South Catawba Lancaster SC

If you know of other efforts to gather supplies or drop off locations, send them to, and I will update this page.