Her Red Shoes-Day 1

In 2013, I began a project entitled Her Red Shoes. It grew out of an effort to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. April is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month, and for years I had had an event called Walk In Her Shoes. It was modeled after the national efforts. My last year, I put out 186 pairs of shoes, and turnout was very low. A change was needed.


I decided to start the Her Red Shoes portrait project. I photographed people holding a pair of red shoes. I then removed all the color except for the shoes. The response was tremendous.  The Facebook page carried the pictures and is still active today I shot 230 portraits and held a great event.

This April, I am going to post daily a Her Red Shoe portrait. I want to continue to raise the awareness. It is important to note, the people pictured are supportive of the child who owned the red shoes. The Red Shoes represent all the children who have been abused.

Mandy Powers Norrell was one of the first persons to have their portrait made.

You can still be part of the ongoing project. Contact me on the facebook page or at editor@pantagraph.online.

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