Local Volleyball Player Competes Nationally

by David Kellin, editor@pantagraph.online

For Alexis Roberson, summer is a commitment to be better than yesterday. Two days a week, she, and her family made a 144 mile round trip to Lexington SC to be part of the Intense Volleyball team.  As part of that training and team participation, she tried out for the 15 Intense Adidas Elite Jerry team and was selected. This is the third year on the Elite team.

The 15 Intense Adidas Elite Jerry team traveled to Florida in June to compete in the AAU National Volleyball Championships. In the 15 Classic division there were 196 teams competing. The first two days were pool play with each team playing 3-4 matches each day. The competition is a single elimination meaning that you have to win each game to advance. Lose a match and you are eliminated.

The 15 Intense Adidas Elite Jerry team advanced as winners through their first 12 matches, and defeated EEA 15 Chancie from Kentucky in the semifinal match. They advanced to the Gold Championship Bracket to play against Kokoro Volleyball from Minnesota.  Kokoro won in three sets 25-22, 14-25, and 15-6.

The 15 Intense Adidas Elite Jerry team placed 2nd out of 196 teams. Alexis was named to the All-Star Team. All Star Team is considered AAU All American ranked #1  “I love to compete, and love volleyball.” Said Roberson. “We worked well together. We were all friends and the coaching was good.” Her team has been together for two years.

Lexi is excited for the upcoming Andrew Jackson High School Volleyball competition season to begin. She was the only player from the Kershaw/ Lancaster area to compete in her division at Nationals. She plans to bring the things she learns at Nationals back to help improve the Volunteer’s game this coming year.

Lisa Roberson spoke of the dedication that was needed from both the athlete and the parent. “Every parent wants to see their child on top. We are dedicated. When we sign the contract, we know that we can’t be ill with each other, and we put forth our best efforts.”

Jerry Dorneker, Head Coach commented.  “The 15 Intense Adidas Elite Jerry have a great understanding that winning isn’t everything, working and playing hard for each other is. Giving thanks to God and our large and supportive intense family and partners Adidas and Baden.

It was exemplified throughout the AAU national tournament. All of the players played with all of their heart on every play. Winning second in the nation in their division.

 Everyone’s personality played a role on the team including Lexi who is a strong physical force and a strong competitor. Lexi has a strong work ethic and desire to compete every time she practices and steps on the court in competition. Her fearless can do attitude is contagious to her teammates and strikes fear in her opponents.”

Lexi has some advice for those young people who may be thinking about getting into volleyball. “If you seem to be like the little guy from a small town and running with the big dogs, hang in there. Always try to do your best.”