Fourth of July Parade

by David Kellin,

The parades on the Fourth of July have always been an exciting event. An event that showcases the local flavor of the community. It is a time to draw together and celebrate our freedoms and independence. It marks part of who we are as people.

Parades have changed over the years. I remember decorated floats, marching bands, cotton candy and candied apples. Parades like those still exist. This year it seems that in our area, the ATV and Four Wheelers reign supreme.

Each year, the South Carolina community of Charlesboro hold what I view as one of the area most unique parades. It is a 2 mile + route on Taxahaw road in the rural community. It is the only bi-directional parade I know of. The entrants of the parade travel two miles down Taxahaw road, and then turn around and backtrack to the starting point on a two lane road. Depending on the spot you are watching, you will get to see the parade twice.

The parade has begun

This year it was bright and sunny. the heat was almost oppressive. The shadowy spots in the route fill up early. Sunny spots sprout umbrellas and 10 x 10 popups. Friends speak to each other across the road, neighbors hand out plastic grocery bags to the kids to hold the candy that will rain across the grassy strips in front of homes and churches.

The procession creeps behind the sheriff’s cruiser and fire trucks as come down the winding country road. The parade starts at 10:30am and it may be 15 to 20 minutes before it reaches you.

What follows is a long train of all-terrain vehicles, classic cars, bass boats, and semi tractors. The sole requirement for entry is that the vehicle sports an American flag.

In the election years, candidates drive heavily campaign slogan covered cars. This year, there were few of them. Most all were individuals that just wanted to be in the parade.

What separates this from the big city parades is the recognition of family and friends. The riders are people you know, love and see most everyday. The waves are genuine and so are the smiles.

Before long you notice the return stream of riders coming back. Some people have dropped out at the turnaround point. Cars for up at the start of the parade fill in behind the parade and creep towards the end and a return to the holiday festivities to come. Another Charlesboro parade is in the books. Cookouts and swimming are the order of the afternoon. Happy Fourth of July.

The Vols Lose to Gray Collegiate in SCHSL 2A Boys State Championship

by David Kellin,

The loss by the Andrew Jackson Volunteers to Gray Collegiate 79-38 on Saturday was a hard loss for the team. They worked hard throughout the year, overcoming many obstacles and tough teams to earn the right to play in the final game of the season. Considered by many to be an unlikely contender, the Vols proved all the naysayers wrong. More than just a team, the AJ Nation included many more people than just the rostered players. Like the Seattle Seahawks, the AJ Vols had an additional player, a sixth player. That player was the fans and family of the team. There was a noticeable difference in support between the teams. AJ Nation fill one half of the arena. The Volunteers finish second in the state for the first time in 40 years.

The game was told by the numbers. Gray Collegiate had a much higher percentage of completions. The Gray Collegiate team effectively kept AJ top scorer from making their shots. The Volunteers made 31.7% of their Field Goals (13 of 41) compared to Gray Collegiate making 56% of theirs during the game. The Vols completed 2 of 14 trey attempts for a 14.3% rate. Gray Collegiate made 7 of 16 for a 43.8% completion rate on three pointers. The Vols made 10 of 15 free throws for 66.7%, compared to Gray Collegiate making 18 of 25 Free Throws for 72%.

The lead scorer for the Vols was DJ Ealey with 15 points. Ealey made 4 of 7 field goals and missed both three pointers. He shot 7 of 8 free throws successfully. He was in the game for a total of 27 minutes, the longest of the Vols players. Jamie Hinson scored 7 points by making 2 of 8 goals, 1 of 3 treys, and 2 of 3 free throws.  OJ White made 2 of 8 goals, one trey for a total of 5 points. Jawquinn Black scored on 2 of 3 goals attempts for a total of 4 points. Joey Walters, Josh Adams, and Shiheme Ricks each added 2 points. Tyrone Gilford scored a free throw for one point.

During the first half, the Vols made 40.9% of their goal attempts, 25% of their three point shots, and 66.7% of Free Throws. A dramatic drop in their scoring ability dropped to 21.1% of goals attempted in the second half. They were made no three-point attempts in the second half, and their free throw percentage remained at 66.7%

Gray Collegiate was able to stop the three-point game and close the scoring lanes for the Vols in the second half. The top scorer for the Gray Collegiate team was Tommy Bruner with 19 points.

The game was within reach early on as the Vols were behind by just 7 during the first quarter 21-14. The score at the half was 34-26 with Vols trailing by 8 points. The scoring gap widened into the third quarter to 13 points with the Vols trailing 50-37. The Gray Collegiate team scored 28 unanswered points in the final quarter to win by 79-38.

The Vols finish with a record of 17-6. This is the first time in 39 years that the Volunteers have made it to the state championship. Their last visit resulted in a win for the Vols. They played in the 1979 and the 1980 Championships, losing in 1979 and winning in 1980

It was not the outcome the Vols and AJ Nation wanted. It is a testament to how dedication, hard work, and fundamentals can propel you into the top game of the season. There is much to be proud of with this season, and instead of focusing on the result of one game, the focus can be on the 17 games that were won. The focus can be on the unity of the Kershaw Community who came out in mass to support this team. Tomorrow is Day One on the road to the 2020 State Championships.

AJ JV and Varsity Girls Defeat Chester In Soccer Scrimmage

by David Kellin,

The Andrew Jackson Lady Vols JV Soccer team scored a victory over Chester team 10-0

The AJ Varsity Lady Vols Soccer team defeated the Chester opponents 6-0. Autumn Cook had 2 goals. Harleigh Payne, Kayla Hall, Madison Rathel, and Abby Laine Polson each scored one each. Madison score was on a 50 yard kick directly into the goal

Strong and Steady Play Nets Another Win For Vols

by David Kellin,

The Andrew Jackson Volunteers defeated the Abbeville Panthers at home on Tuesday night in the third round of the SCHSL Class AA basketball playoffs by a score of 67-55.  

The Vols came out in a calm and determined manner and took control of the ball and game by a well-defined passing game. By slowing the game down, they were able to use the clock to their advantage.  The Vols took the first quarter by 6 points with the score 15 to 9. At the half the scoring difference was down to 3. Halftime score was 29-26. The Vols narrowly kept the lead in the third quarter 43-41. The fourth quarter saw the Vols explode and outscore the Panthers by 10 points. Score at end of game 67-55

Joey Walters was lead scorer for the Volunteers with 20 points from 5 treys and 5 of 7 free throws. Jamie Hinson added 17 points. OJ white added 9 points. DJ Ealey had 8 points. Shiheme Ricks had 6 points. Jalen Robinson had 4 points. Tyrone Gilford had 2 points and Jawquinn Black added 1 point.

The Volunteers scored on 15 of 25 free throws. They turned the ball over 11 times.

“I am so proud of my guys, they play with so much intensity. They hustled for 4 quarters and left everything on the court. We had a plan, and they executed it tonight.” Said Danny Wright, Head Coach of the Volunteers.

Titus Paul was lead scorer for the Panthers with 15 points on 2 goals, 3 treys, and 2 of 3 free throws.

“They executed better than we did tonight.” Said Panther’s Head Coach Douglas Belcher. “We just did not come to play.”

The Volunteers will advance to the next round of the playoffs. The Vols will play the winner of the Silver Bluff and Southside Christian Game at Bon Secours Arena

Heart Shaped Pancakes and Stories

by David Kellin,

On a rainy Saturday Morning, the Heart and Soul Committee started cooking pancakes and sausage for the launch of phase two of the Heart and Soul efforts in Kershaw. This phase will begin the process of interviewing 500 + Kershaw residents about thier likes and loves about Kershaw. The interviews will be conducted one to one privately.

The phase two efforts will help gather data on what is most important about Kershaw, and what things need improvement. Each interview last 5-10 minutes and will be recorded.

The lunchroom at Kershaw Elementary served as the meeting place this day. A large inflatable heart served as a way to write a comment about what was liked about Kershaw. A mock interview was conducted on the stage to show what the process was like.

Heart and Soul Facebook Page here

Lady Vols Playoff Hopes Dashed on Road Game

by David Kellin,

The Andrew Jackson Girls’ Basketball playoff hopes were smashed on the court at Christ Church Episcopal School on Friday Night with their loss by 15 points 66-51.

The majority of the points against the Lady Vols were scored in the first half of the game. The second half, the two teams were matched in scoring. The Lady Vols fell behind in the first quarter 8 to 13. The difference broadened as the game approached halftime with a 14 point deficit showing 16 to 30. Both teams scored 14 points in the third quarter thus the score gap remained. Going into the fourth quarter the score was 30-44. The Christ Church team scored 22 points to the Lady Vols 21 in the 4th quarter to win the game 66 to 51.

Caroline Wren was the lead scorer with 26 points on 7 goals and 4 treys. Osha Black had 10 points. Iesha Willams added 6 points. Lexi Roberson had 5 points. Oksana Lathan and Annsley Vick each added 2 points.

The loss ends the 2018-2019 season for the Lady Vols. The season records were 16 wins and 5 losses. 10 of the wins were regional victorys and they had 2 regional losses.

Regional Leaders, Lee Central will travel to play Saluda, and Buford will travel to Christ Church on February 18th for the next rounds of playoffs.

Feed My Sheep

by David Kellin,

He asked him the third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was grieved that he asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” “Feed my sheep,” Jesus said.” John 21:17.

The members of the Frontline Biker Church brought the love to the Kershaw Community today. They received multiple loads of food to distribute into the community from an anonymous donor. They began preparing Thursday night for the “Food Drop” that began this morning at 9am. No person or family in need left empty handed. Turkey, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and various canned goods were given out.

Some receiving talked about how they had been at the end of their rope and saw the Facebook post about this and were so grateful. It was John 21:17 put into practice. This is the second time Frontline has done this, and there is no doubt it will continue in the future.

Frontline Biker Church Facebook page
Frontline Biker Church Youtube Page

Andrew Jackson Advances To Second Round of Class AA Basketball Playoffs

By David Kellin,

The first round of SCHSL Class AA playoff games goes to the Andrew Jackson Volunteers and Lady Volunteers with wins over the teams from Ninety Six, SC. The Lady Vols defeated the Ninety-Six girls 46 -32. The Vols won a close game 56 to 52. AJ senior Jamie Hinson sealed the win with last seconds free throws which made it a two-score victory.

The Vols took the lead in the first quarter and kept it through out most of the game. The Vols were up by 5 at the end of the first quarter 16-11. The score at the half was 32 to 25 in favor of the Vols. The Third Quarter saw the lead continue to grow to 44 to 36. The final quarter was much closer with Ninety-Six gaining some ground but unable to keep the momentum. AJ Vols win 56-52.

The lead scorer for the Vols was Jamie Hinson with 14 pointson 3 goals, two treys, and 2 for 2 on free throws. Joey Walters had 13 points.OJ white added 10 points. Jawquinn Black added 7 points. DJ Ealey had 6 points.Josh Adams added 4 points. Tyrone Gilford had 2 points. The team scored 22 of34 free throws

The Ninety Six team scored on 8 of 26 free throws

The Lady Vols started off the game trailing at the end ofthe first quarter 5-9. They rallied back in the second half to enter halftimewith a score of 21-12. The third quarter was a low scoring quarter that endedwith the Lady Vols ahead 28-17. Lady Vols won the game with a score of 46-32.

Osha Black was lead scorer with 11 points on 3 goals and 5 of9 free throws. Annsley Vick added 8 points. Caroline Wrenn had 7 points. OksanaLathan and Lexi Roberson each had 6 points. Iesha Williams scored 4 points.Harleigh Payne had 3 points. McKenzie Marshall had 1 point. The Lady Vols scoredon 22 of 39 free throws.

Ninety-Six scored on 5 of 17 free throws.

The Lady Vols will travel to Greenville to play the ChristChurch Episcopal team on Friday. The Boys game will be determined by the matchup between Christ Church Episcopal Boys and Buford Boys which will be played onWednesday of this week. If Buford wins, they will play AJ Vols at AJ on FridayNight.

Lady Vols Down Lady Eagles By 50 points On Tuesday Night

by David Kellin,

Senior night in Kershaw saw overwhelming scoring in the regional match-up between the Lady Vols and the Lady Eagles from Central High.

The Volunteers took both of their regional games against the Central Eagles in their final home game and Senior night. The Lady Vols scored a 50-point victory 80-30 over the Lady Eagles, and the Vols won over the Eagles 69-51

The Lady Vols led early with a 17-point difference 19-2 in the first quarter. They widened the gap to 32 points at the half – 38-6. The scoring gap was 55 points at the end of three quarters with a 66-11 score. The Lady Vols took the game with a score of 80 to 30.

Caroline Wrenn was lead scorer for the Lady Vols with 5 goals and 4 treys. Iesha Williams provided strong support with 19 points. Osha Black had 9 points. Oksana Lathan added 8 points. Makenzie Marshall added 7 points. Shi Heaven Hall had 6 points. Harleigh Payne had 4 points. Lexi Roberson had 3 points. Anna Hinson added 2 points.

Andrew Jackson grabbed an early lead in the game and finished 6 points up at the end of the first quarter 15-9. The Volunteers led at the half by 35-12. At the end of the third quarter, Vols lead was 47-35. The score at the end of the game was 69-51.

Josh Adams had a strong first quarter with 10 points on two goals and 2 treys. He scored a goal in the third quarter to top the scoring with 12 points. Joey Walters and DJ Ealey each had 10 points. Jalen Robinson had 9 points. Shiheme Ricks and Tyrone Gilford each added 5 points. Jamie Hinson added 4 points. Jyleik Elder had 3 points. OJ white had 2 points. Daymond Cunningham had one point. Jawquinn Black added 8 points.

Senior Pictures are available for order from HERE

The Vols will end their regular season play in an away game against Lee Central on Friday, February 8th.